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Good News Ministries

A Catholic envangelization and faith-building ministry that was founded in 1995, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ nationally and globally, in

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Lavish Pursuits

The Theme for the 2012 Retreats was "Lavish Gifts, Extravagant Love" International speaker and author Elissa Macpherson, the guest speaker, connected so

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We are the Fifth Gospel!

We are the Fifth Gospel! People have to read our lives – what we are doing, what we are saying and how do we react! What is our relationship with God and our fellow man? So proclaimed ICPE Missionary Sheila Libano at Dove’s first meeting of the year in February.

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GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

Pastor and Counsellor, Helen McGhie, focussed her talk on the Grace to Forgive. The greater the sin committed against us, the greater the grace God has already made available to us. Many people have mentioned in passing about grace and forgiveness in their talks to the women of Dove Wellington, but this particular talk stirred up many to repent and forgive.

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